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  • The unique construction of the Headway Microcatheter combines 7 progressive segments with a tapered PTFE liner and an atraumatic soft tip for enhanced performance in challenging anatomies. Two levels of softness and superior tip shapeability allow for an optimized configuration for every procedure. The catheter tip has thicker thermoplastic layer compared to competitor catheters and retains its shape better. Headway catheters are optimized for delivery of stents including LVIS and FRED systems. All Headway catheters are DMSO compatible and permit the use of certain liquid embolics

    The next generation catheter performance with superior trackability and control.

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  • New Innovative Catheter Technology, Hybrid Braid/Coil Design.

    The Headway® DUO has a unique braid/coil construction for the lowest profile of any 0.014‘‘ guidewire compatible catheter.

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  • A guiding catheter that is available as a completely integrated system. The only guiding catheter system bundled with an inner catheter designed exclusively as a single ready-to-use unit. The outer 6F Guide catheter has a large 0.071‘‘ ID and the 5F Guide catheter has 0.059” ID.

    Featuring a large lumen with a unique inner catheter for rapid atraumatic access.

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  • The first neuro guidewire to combine nitinol and stainless steel with a proprietary Hybrid joint. This provides superior torque response with exceptional durability and tip shapeability, reducing the need to use multiple wires in a single procedure. The shaped tip retains its shape throughout the procedure. Traxcess wires have a docking port which enable the wire to be turned into an exchange length wire with the insertion of Traxcess docking wire.

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  • A Compliant balloon designed for reliable vessel occlusion, yet conforms to vessel anatomy. Scepter™ balloon catheters are equipped with a proprietary prepping mechanism, making balloon preparation easy and quick.

    The new standard of excellence; redefining deliverability, versatility and control.

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    Clinical Research Articles
    Balloon-assisted guide catheter positioning
    Double-lumen arterial balloon catheter technique

  • An extremely trackable large lumen catheter designed for distal access and improved aspiration power.

    The SOFIA features a hybrid braid and coil reinforcement providing superior push response, ‘torqueability’ and kink resistance. Now available in 5F 0.055” ID and 6F 0.070” ID.

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