Hawkins™ Blunt Needle Access System

Hawkins™ Blunt Needle Access System provides a lightweight method of targeting, remaining in place while position is confirmed.
The adjustable needle stop localizes the outer cannula to the target, preventing forward migration.

Hawkins™ Blunt Brochure

Introducer Sheaths/Needles (ISN)

The ISN quickly and smoothly provides access for a .035/.038″ guidewire. 5F Radiopaque sheaths for guidewire insertion or fluid aspiration.19G needle with trocar-style tip for easy insertion. Available in 15 cm and 20 cm lengths.

HSG Catheters Brochure


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All-Purpose Drainage Catheters

SKATER™ All-purpose Drainage Catheters are suitable for a variety of applications using a direct-stick or Seldinger technique.

Introducer Sets

The SKATER™ Introducer Set provides easy, accurate and atraumatic placement of a .035/.038″ guidewire in non-vascular procedures.

Biliary Drainage Catheters

SKATER™ Biliary Drainage Catheters are used to drain bile from the bile duct.

Nephrostomy Drainage Catheters

The SKATER™ Nephrostomy Drainage Catheters are used to drain urine from a kidney.

Centesis Catheters

SKATER™ Centesis Catheters are designed for percutaneous fluid aspirations and small volume drainage procedures.