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HydroFrame® is an exclusive framing coil with hydrogel on the inside. Once inserted, the hydrogel expands to provide additional filling and finishing of a vascular space.

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Cosmos® is a platinum coil for the endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms and other vascular lesions. With variable-diameter loops and innovative deployment for optimal aneurysm and neck coverage, also long length options for greater volume fill and extensive coverage.

Cosmos is an evolution in framing aneurysms.

Cosmos is an evolution in framing aneurysms.

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  • This versatile coil is innovative, intuitive and has excellent clinical performance. Four sizes of the VFC coil replace up to 18 sizes of traditional platinum coils. Revolutionary coil design allows for improved coil distribution, greater packing density and easier placement. This is an excellent wire for framing aneurysms with complex morphology and a great filling coil with surface distribution of coil loops.

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  • The clear choice for increased filling and greater mechanical stability. The HydroCoil Embolic System is a unique coil embolization device combining a platinum coil with an expansile hydrogel polymer. Utilized for the endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms and other vascular lesions.

    Available in a complete line of 10, 14 and 18 sized helical coils.

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  • HydroFill® is a HydroGel coil which combines a proprietary hydrogel polymer with a platinum helical coil. No steaming or preparation required which saves time and work of preparing the coil.

    A Consistent Coil performance with an ease of use and effective clinical benefits.

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  • The best of both worlds for filling and finishing aneurysms, with ease of use and clinical benefits. The softness of a platinum finishing coil, virtually no microcatheter movement and nearly unlimited working time. This coil offers the advantages of Hydrogel for intimal growth with no time limit for deployment.

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  • HyperSoft® is a platinum coil for the endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms and other vascular lesions. With superior coil softness and conformability, more flexible delivery pusher and softer, shorter detachment zones when you need it most.

    HyperSoft® has firm engineering for a Softer Coil.

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  • HyperSoft® 3D range provides the softness of the HyperSoft® coil in a complex form, engineered to easily conform to various aneurysm morphologies. Sized for precision in coil diameters from 1mm to 5mm with variations in lengths from 2cm to 15cm.

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  • ERIC® is a 3rd generation clot retrieval device enabling faster clot integration, more secure thrombectomy and designed for atraumatic retraction. ERIC® makes recanalization easier, faster and more secure.

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