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Culpan Medical is a privately owned business.

Culpan Medical serves the needs of healthcare professionals and organisations with the timely supply of medical devices that offer patients the best prognosis.

We are committed to the people we serve with a highly responsive and professional team.

We are committed to important future developments in technology that enhance patient outcomes and provide viable, sustainable solutions.

Our mission is to provide patients and medical professionals with the best Healthcare solutions available worldwide.

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Our products

MicroVention, Inc.

Tustin, California

MicroVention develops innovative neuroendovascular technologies for the treatment of vascular diseases in small vessels. These include the HydroCoil® and HydroSoftT® Embolic Systems which combine platinum coils and a hydrophilic polymer designed to provide increased filling and greater mechanical stability and the MicroPlex® Coil system, uniquely designed for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms. The V-Trak® Delivery System, with the V-GripTM Detachment Controller, provides a simplified operation and improved deliverability (rapid-release coil detachment in 0.75 seconds). Recently introduced, a full line of new access products to include the new TraxcessTM hydrophilic coated guidewires, the ChaperonTM Guiding Catheter System and the Headway MicrocatheterTM providing optimal trackability.

HydroCoil MRI Safety Information - Click here  


Argon Medical Devices, Inc

Athens, Texas

Argon offers a comprehensive range of medical devices for biopsy, radiology, drainage and vascular procedures. Key product lines include BioPince ™ (full core biopsy), Tru-Core™ II (fully automatic) and SuperCore™ (semi-automatic) disposable biopsy, T- Lok™ bone marrow biopsy, Skater™ drainage catheters, Jawz™ Endomyocardial biopsy forceps, Option ELITE™ Retrievable Vena Cava Filter and the CLEANER™ Rotational Thrombectomy System.