Guidewire Introducer Needles

Guidewire Introducer Needles designed for anterior, single wall, arterial percutaneous puncture. The tapered luer hub allows for easy guidewire insertion.
Available with a clear window wall hub. Also available with winged base plate.

Guidewire Introducer Needles Brochure

HSG Catheters

HS & HSG Catheters are designed for use in hysterosonography or hysterosalpingography procedures. Non-latex, soft, concentric balloon provides secure placement in the uterus or cervical canal and effectively seals to prevent retrograde leakage of saline or contrast media

HSG Catheters Brochure

Seldinger Needles

Seldinger Needles designed for easy, atraumatic, percutaneous arterial puncture with a Color coded stylet

Seldinger Needles Brochure

V•Stick™ Vascular Access Sets

V•Stick™ Vascular Access Sets assist in gaining vascular access for the placement of 0.035″ and 0.038″ guidewires into the vascular system using small needle access to reduce puncture site and vessel trauma

V•Stick™ Brochure